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Monday, 11 June 2012

Sexy Morning

of  Natalia Vodianova

Photographed by Glen Luchford
for Vogue Italia March 2004


Here are one of my top picks for self-portrait inspiration ideas.
These beautiful photos of Natalia Vodianova are some inspirations
of how you can look romantically sexy on your self-portraiture
yet maintaing the look of innocence, soft, romantic and classy.
Finding the right dresses and sexy layer chiffon tops for the shoot
could be more challenging than finding the right photographer.
I reckon there is nothing more sexy than a woman with
messy hair, gorgeous outfit and morning beauty look.
- By Christine Gunawan -

I love her look and pose
on all photos above.

Her sexiness appears innocent to me and quite angelic.

source from here

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Perfect Paris & NY

Fashion Week Street Style

Photographed by Phil Oh, HB Nam & Tommy Ton


I always can't stop staring at all these colorful gorgeous
inspiring fashion photographs during fashion week
especially those that are candid shots spotted on the streets.
These images are captured by three of my fave photographers,
who else but Phil Oh, Nam & TomTon. Great shots, guys!!.
I love all these fashion details on each different photos.
Chick-edginess, striking color-block fashion, Balenciaga heels,
Celine bags, Hermes, furry jackets, patterns and flower patterns,
all blended very well... so.. what more can I say? Speechless!.
- By Christine Gunawan -

From New York :

Celine Bag

I love Anna Wintour's fury jacket and necklace.

Gorgeous Color block Celine trouser.

I wanna have what she wears.

Little black dress with Hermes Kelly purse.

This guy looks cool with anti rain plastic hat.

Lots of Patterns!!.

I want what she wears including her cool necklace.

Love it.

Hermes CDC bracelet.

Sexy Back.

Yellow socks could be cool too.

To Paris :

Check out her Fendi purse.

Balenciaga, you killed me!

Notice the orange killer heels?

I want to eat it, too.

Oh.. so cute!!!

Pattern talks!.

Notice her color block jacket is matching with
the other lady's purse.

Flawless from head to toe.



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